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$800 For Your Security Deposit

Impression08 started this conversation

Several states and more and more local organizations and even non-profits provide money for renters with grants or loans that can be used for security deposits. Programs constantly come and go but the state of Delaware has provided grants to nonprofit agencies to administer 2 security deposit programs. Two counties in Florida provide grants to cover deposits for people at certain incomes, and New Hampshire guarantees landlords the full amount so the renter can make payments on a security deposit. This information was collected from NLIHC, 1012 Fourteenth Street NW, Suite 610, Washington, D.C. 20005, 202/662-1530. To locate available programs in your area contact your state housing office or social services office, or your local reference librarian who can assist you in finding other organizations who might provide this assistance.

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Hello I live in miami dade florida I need a security deposit today to get in new home to rent. Please if you look at my other listings you will understand my situation besides my phone gets disconnected today, pleade people we neef a miracle.. deposit is 1400. Please help us
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Photogrl36
Call 211 give city state tell them what u need help with they will give u a list of places to call they help with food rent lights gas water clothing and more. Also go sign up for welfare good luck
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I'm looking got assistance in Delaware, I'm being out out and I have 2 kids and need help and don't know where to go or look
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Do you happen to know any place in md that would help with security deposit I am a single mother of four and about to get put out but found another place.
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Me326   in reply to kiss
Kiss were you able to get any assistance? I'm looking for the same at this time.
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Hi im Amanda Matthews a single mother of 5 and I have a section 8 voucher and need of help with my security deposit asap im at my deadline and I really need this cause I dont really have family like that I can go to for help and at this time I am unemployed so I will appreciate if I can get yall assistant please have a bless day.
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deboraheve   in reply to annie46
I've had problems with them in my past.
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annie46   in reply to wanny35
Hi I would suggest contacting your local Salvation Army they should help with deposit annie46
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I'm a single mother of six. I recently receive my section 8 voucher and I really need help with my security deposit. I found suitable home that's available now and I must come up with it fast! Any assistance you can provide would greatly be appreciated.
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 in response to Despite Mother...   find your nearest public assistance office and ask them about emergency shelters/housing
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Despite Mother
hello my name is jennifer pi. I really need help with a place to live with my 3 daughters ages 13,11,10.I have no job, We are staying house to house. Please anybody help us. Also for employment.Thank you...
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Be Encouraged
 in response to homelinss...   Try to work out a payment arrangement on the back rent with paying the future rent. Try to get a second job to help with the back rent. Or start looking for another apartment or a room to rent before an eviction shows up on your rental history. Your rent should be your priority, especially when you have no where else to go. I don't know your circumstances or situation, but you have to get on your grind to handle this before it gets any worse. You can't sit around hoping its going to work out. Make it work.
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 in response to gypsy52...   As you navigate your way through out my page u will find plenty of help for housing assistance ;0)
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I am a 59 year old woman who is disabled and where I live,I was assaulted by some drug addicts and now the management is evicting ME because they think it would be for my own good.They did nothng to the addicts. I am frantic as I live on onlly $600 a month disablity and have no way of moving. I have no family or friends that can help me. How can I get help with a security deposit or what can I do? I am scared to death I'll be on the street as all the shelters in my state are full. Someone please help!
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 in response to homelinss...   go to your nearest shelter to start with
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i live in maryland and i am 2 months behind in my rent, the state will not help me because i do not have any children, what am i to do. i have nowhere to go, and no family to help me. if anyone have any suggustions please let me know. thank you
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 in response to luvlymomie3...   try
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i am in need of security money. i can afford to live there i just lost my job and cant afford to pay 895.00. if anybody has resources please post back to me
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